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Drawing from the experiences of people with Parkinson's Disease (PWP) and from those helping them deal with the affliction, the Parkinson's Project Podcast seeks to eliminate the stigma associated with PD while informing and inspiring people with Parkinson's to live their best life. 

From personal experiences to medication, exercise, diet, therapy, and caregiving, the Parkinson's Project Podcast seeks to build an engaged, supportive community while examining the journey of living with Parkinson's disease from all angles to produce an empowering perspective. 


Living with PD is not easy. It takes intestinal fortitude to stand up and face the adversity that comes with a Parkinson's disease diagnosis. 

Using first-person experiences, expert analysis, and cutting-edge information from the field of medicine, the mission is to empower and inform people about the work that is currently being done and to drive research and innovation for new and better methods to combat Parkinson's.


The Parkinson's Project podcast will be produced twice monthly, with a maximum run time of roughly 30 minutes per episode, with the option to allow subject that require further examination to be broken into multiple episodes.

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